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16 January 2019

The russian interior design magazine Archidom includes us in its selection of discoveries made in Spain and Portugal; along with other furniture firms, which were participating at the Habitat Fair in Valencia on September of last year. That's when we met the editor-in-chief of this magazine, as she swinged by our stand located in Salon Nude - a space dedicated to emerging talent.

Here we leave part of the translated article:

"What is the secret of the designers of the Iberian Peninsula?

Nowadays, the design style of Spain and Portugal is beginning to attract attention more and more. With bright original designs with their own philosophy and themes that reflect the peculiar culture of the regions from which they come.

Nobody has doubted the existence of talented artists in Spain, in the broad sense of the word. Free, artistic, multicultural; this country has given the world many incredible artisans, from El Greco and Goya to Picasso and Dalí, Gaudí and Muntaner.

In fact, the trajectory of design in Spain has a not so long history. The country during the twentieth century experienced several difficult periods and a subsequent cultural blockade, which slowed the development of design ideas. But there were some advantages in this: today, the sphere of Spanish design conserves the energy of youth, courage and inexhaustibility. And being multiplied by the achievements of modern technology, it generates completely unexpected and interesting results.



The young and talented Spanish designer and engineer MAY ARRATIA from Logroño — the capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja in Spain — manufactures surprising and original items of bright modules of various colors and shapes with high quality materials. Such an unusual design approach allows you to create several unique combinations that draw attention and that have the ability to revive the spaces they inhabit.

The modular shapes are manufactured using the latest anodized aluminum machining technology in combination with other green materials. The ways to use them are limited only by the imagination of the designer! "

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