Disign with May

We can help you create
the furniture of your dreams...

We firmly believe in the idea of design as a timeless and deeply personal concept.

For this reason, we put at your disposal our toolbox to help you design the furniture of your dreams.

OPTION 1 Play with our MYKONOS modules and combine them freely. Customize our CREATIONS; we offer you a variety of modular shapes, anodized colors, heights and complementary fabrics to create unique pieces that reflect your own personal vibe.

OPTION 2 Tell us your idea and we develop it from scratch. Everything is possible!


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Materials + process

Solid Aluminum

The aluminum we use (quality 6082/6061) is commonly used in the aeronautical industry for the manufacture of tools, due to its technical characteristics in terms of strength, hardness, weight and resistance.

Solid aluminum is 100% recyclabe and plays a fundamental role in human ecology, in addition to having an excellent machining behavior and satisfactory results in terms of subsequent anodising.

Although solid aluminum is the main focus of our studio, we are developing  new designs including noble materials such as marble, wood, glass and ceramics. 


All of our solid aluminum peices are manufatured at the ARRATIA‘s family machining  — by turning and CNC milling — workshop in Spain.

 A process that is governed by the standards that are used in the sectors of industrial machinery, automotive  and aeronautics. 

 The application of this type of technology for decorative purposes is a total innovation. 


Since ancient times it is well known that colors have a vibratory energy that can influence human beings very differently.

The anodize is a treatment capable of achieving a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the material, by means of an electrochemical process, that increases the surface hardness of the aluminum, coloring the material but keeping the drawings that are created in the surface when mechanized, making each piece a unique object full of nuances.

MAY ARRATIA designs stimulating furniture full of shine and color!


Garnet Red
Great stimulator of the creative passion. Exciting, dramatic and dynamic. Symbolizes fire and the heart.
Agatha Purple
Sensual, passionate, magical, exuberant and stylish. This color helps transformations and sharpensthe senses.
Amethyst Violet
Magical and majestic. The color of intuition, activator of imagination and ingenuity. Female and masculine energy that provides balance.
Indigo Blue
The color of friendship, loyalty, unity and trust. It symbolizes air and water. It brings stillness and relaxation to our mind.
Zaphire Blue
Relaxing, purifying and mystic. It produces a calming and sedative effect that promotes meditation and sleep.
Emmerald Green
Exquisite, fresh and hopeful. It favors concentration and abundance.
Citrine Green
Refreshing, enthusiastic and youthful vibes. It helps disipating negative thoughts.
Golden Sun
Represents abundance, wisdom, prosperity and success. This color promotes communication and revitalizes the mind.
Zircon Orange
Fun, radiant, vital and cheerful. It stimulates the mind, renews the illusion and is the perfect antidepressant.
Smoked Quartz
Earthy, responsible and cordial. This tone provides stability and stimulates the appetite.
Jet Black
Elegant, dramatic and misterious. Since antiquity jet stones has been considered a magical and protective material.
Lunar Silver
Prestigious, sumptuous, peaceful and refreshing; this tone stimulates the innovative intelligence. The silver tone balances, harmonizes and clarifies ideas and
Pink Quartz
Exquisite, tender and subtle. This delicate color calms and gives inner peace.
Left Right


Those that lead and drag the world
are not machines, but ideas.

Victor hugo

If you follow all the rules
you lose all the fun.

KathErine Hepburn

Color! What a deep and mysterious language,
the language of dreams!

Paul Gauguin
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