Sultana  Flower

Sultana Flower

The sultana flower is a decorative piece made in aeronautical quality solid aluminum machined at our CNC lathe and milling workshop. The color is added trough an anodization process, an electrochemical technique that adds the pigment inside the mains material’s pore, adding not only color but providing surface corrosion protection and shine. 

The color combinations and frontal pattern engraving are totally customizable.

Its function is variable as it can be used as a coaster, placemats or even as a small tray or ashtray.

Limited series. All our pieces are manufactured upon request exclusively for each of our customers and includes series number.

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The sultanas of the Alhambra ..

the great unknown women of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

The eight-pointed star has its origin in the mythology of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, since it appears in almost all. It is a symbol of fullness and regeneration.



Aluminio AW 6082 T6


200 x 200 x 15mm


placemat / decorative center piece


900 grs. aprox.


no need


we believe in color!

Garnet Red
Great stimulator of the creative passion. Exciting, dramatic and dynamic. Symbolizes fire and the heart.
Agatha Purple
Sensual, passionate, magical, exuberant and stylish. This color helps transformations and sharpensthe senses.
Amethyst Violet
Magical and majestic. The color of intuition, activator of imagination and ingenuity. Female and masculine energy that provides balance.
Indigo Blue
The color of friendship, loyalty, unity and trust. It symbolizes air and water. It brings stillness and relaxation to our mind.
Zaphire Blue
Relaxing, purifying and mystic. It produces a calming and sedative effect that promotes meditation and sleep.
Emmerald Green
Exquisite, fresh and hopeful. It favors concentration and abundance.
Citrine Green
Refreshing, enthusiastic and youthful vibes. It helps disipating negative thoughts.
Golden Sun
Represents abundance, wisdom, prosperity and success. This color promotes communication and revitalizes the mind.
Zircon Orange
Fun, radiant, vital and cheerful. It stimulates the mind, renews the illusion and is the perfect antidepressant.
Smoked Quartz
Earthy, responsible and cordial. This tone provides stability and stimulates the appetite.
Jet Black
Elegant, dramatic and misterious. Since antiquity jet stones has been considered a magical and protective material.
Lunar Silver
Prestigious, sumptuous, peaceful and refreshing; this tone stimulates the innovative intelligence. The silver tone balances, harmonizes and clarifies ideas and
Pink Quartz
Exquisite, tender and subtle. This delicate color calms and gives inner peace.

Custom designs

select a pre-established design from our catalog, personalizing only the color combination, or create an exclusive model with our help...

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